The Edge of Time, 2013
Laser etched speakers, 4 synchronized audio tracks, sound card and Max/MSP programming. 70 x 18 x 18cm each.
Installation view at Traslaciones, Laboral/Antiguo Instituto, Gijón, ES

As we enter the gallery a story begins to play. Four synchronized speakers recreate a conversation where two voices, one of the present and one of a not-too-distant future, meet. The dialogue starts when the future  —where the economic and social problems of the present have been overcome— contacts the present asking for help.

Taking Marge Piercy’s novel A Woman on the Edge of Time —a science fiction classic published in 1976— as a starting point, the sound continues the dialogue between its two main voices. Two characters that embody very different visions of society, in a pivotal moment when the future is at stake.

As the conversation progresses, it becomes clear that these two voices are in fact the very same, that folds, expands and doubles, questioning the idea of linear progress and the notion of the subject as a stable and unique entity.

Voice: Arantxa Nieto
Thanks to André Castro, David Pello, Luis Díaz and Joseph Knierzinger.