The Edge of Time (Voice script)
, 2012.
8 page contribution to A Map of Misreading, a book curated by Christina Li and designed by Julie Peeters and Joris Kritis. It was published by Piet Zwart Institute in 2012 and can be found here.

Taking Marge Piercy’s novel A Woman on the Edge of Time —a science fiction classic published in 1976— as a starting point, this script explores the dialogue between its two main voices, one of the present and one of a not-too-distant future —where the economic and social problems of the present have been overcome— that contacts the present asking for help.

The book  is a compilation of Piet Zwart Institute Fine Art graduates’ preoccupations during their two years in the Masters programme and was published at the occasion of their final exhibition A Map of Misreading at TENT in July 2012. This exhibition, borrows its title from literary critic Harold Bloom’s book of the same title, is an investigation of the genealogy of poetic influence.