Future Archaeologies
, 2016
Expanded polyurethane PUR D70, extruded polystyrene XPS, methacrylate, modular shelves, HD videos, text bot, minicomputers with custom aluminium heatsinks, NFC tags, stickers and online content. 600 x 200 x 350 cm. approx.
Installation view in Archaeologies of the Future, Laboral, Gijón, ES

This ongoing archive aims to question industrial technology’s preponderant role as mediator between nature and society, right when the sector’s ongoing privatization and the emergence of a “sun tax” have ignited the debate on energy management.

The text bot regularly constructs new phrases that describe and speculate about the future climate of the region. These are based on the texts, articles and interviews by and with the local climatologist R. Anadon. The NFC tags contain live links to those resources online and Joaquín Vaquero Palacios’ buildings and symbolic system. NFC tag  example 1 and 2