Fran Meana (Asturias, ES) is an artist and educator based in London. His research-driven practice explores the narratives that entangle culture, industry and the natural world.

Alongside his art practise, Meana regularly collaborates with the Koestler Trust as an arts mentor and with the Institute of Imagination as an associate in their educational program.

Recent exhibitions and projects include: System Recovery, Assembly Point, London, UK (2018), Generaciones 2018, La Casa Encendida, Madrid, ES (2018), Tender Buttons, Salón, Madrid, ES (2017), Future Archaeologies, Laboral, Gijón, ES (2016), 1.000 Horsepower, Can Trinxet, Hospitalet, ES (2016), Labour, Motion and Machinery, TENT, Rotterdam, NL (2015), Go with the Flow, SixtyEight, Copenhagen, DK (2015), Machines for Hardrock, Avalanche, London, UK (2015), Percussive Hunter, Akbank Sanat, Istanbul, TR (2015), Feel the Discourse, Guest Projects, London, UK (2015) and Reasoning Well with Badly Drawn Figures, Nogueras Blanchard, Madrid, ES (2014).

2012 MFA Piet Zwart Institute, Rotterdam, NL
2008 MRes University of Vigo, Pontevedra, ES
2006 BA University of Vigo, Pontevedra, ES

2019 Spare Room Residency, Liverpool, UK (upcoming)
2016 Kunsthalle São Paulo, São Paulo, BR
2016 Laboral, Gijón, ES
2016 Tabakalera, San Sebastian, ES
2013 Laboral, Gijón, ES

Awards, Fellowships and Grants
2018 Generaciones 2018, ES
2016 LABJoven Los Bragales, ES
2013 Mondriaan Fonds, NL
2012 Promotieprijs/Piet Zwart Institute, NL
2011 HSP Huygens Scholarship, NL

Neo2: La Memoria de las Máquinas, Mit Borrás, June 2018
RTVE:  Metropolis: Generación 2018, Metrópolis, Febrero 2018 (from 16:27)
El Cultural: Escultura Mental, December 2016.
La Nueva España: Excavando el futuro, October 2016
Nosotros: Work in progress, Lorena Larraz, July 2016
Artviewer: A Thousand Horsepower, June 2016
Artviewer: Percussive Hunter, May 2015
Frieze Magazine: Fran Meana, June 2014
Artforum, Critics’ picks: Fran Meana, March 2014
El Cultural: Piedra, papel, tijera, March 2014
A*DESK: ¿Estoy paseando o estoy trabajando?, February 2014